(WCNC) Neighbors in one Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood are fed up with a man they say has been standing in his doorway naked in front of anyone driving or walking by.

“It’s been going on for some years now,” says neighborhood association president Xaviera Hodges. “We’re tired of it.”

Hodges says it’s common knowledge throughout the Cardinal Glen area.

“We have a neighbor who likes to expose himself,” Hodges says.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they’ve gotten four service calls just this year about it, but they’ve never made an arrest.

“I just don’t understand, it should be against the law,” says neighbor Pecolia Threatt. “He’s in his house but he’s buck naked. Come on.”

“The question becomes whether or not it’s private if he’s standing at the front door and exposing himself to everyone,” explains attorney Miranda Mills.

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