CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Kraft announced that single-serve mac & cheese dishes will be available in the frozen food section.

The company is launching Ultra-Comforting KRAFT® Mac & Cheese Deluxe in two flavors, original cheddar and four cheese available in the freezer aisle. The product was in response to research that showed consumers are increasingly leaning on frozen meals for added convenience. The Deluxe Frozen offers less preparation, cooking time, and clean-up.

“At KRAFT Mac & Cheese, we believe in the positive power of comfort,” said Rachel Drof, Director of Brand Communications, KRAFT Mac & Cheese. “As we look to create new offerings, we lead with comfort as our north star. With the new Deluxe Frozen offering, we are excited to invite our busy fans to a Deluxified experience and to take their comfort to the next level.” 

In addition to adding Kraft Mac & Cheese to the frozen section, the company is offering a limited edition sweater in Krafts’s signature blue box color, with alternating rows of the iconic noodle smile and snowflakes. The Frozen (A)isle Sweater offers comfort while shopping in the ice-cold frozen section during the warmer months and is available on Amazon for $19.99.