WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWLP)– The U.S. Census Bureau has created an interactive map that provides state by state information on broadband internet availability and the population demographics impacted.

The Digital Equity Act Population Viewer will help states and municipalities pinpoint locations in need when making plans for broadband development and expansion. It shows where fixed broadband is not available, the population demographics in that area, how many households do not have a computer or internet access, and the percentage not using the internet, a PC or tablet.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to the national forefront the need for access to electronic devices and internet services when millions of people were forced to work and attend school from home. People living in areas where internet access was limited or non-existent were forced to travel to internet “hot spots” such as public libraries and work from their cars.

The map shows the following information on broadband availability and electronic device use for Massachusetts:

  • Percentage in Households Lacking Fixed Broadband Availability: 2.0
  • Percentage in Households Lacking Computer or Broadband Subscription: 8.0
  • Percentage Not Using the Internet: 19.5 
  • Percentage Not Using a PC or Tablet Computer: 30.5

The map was made in a partnership with the Census Bureau and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in an effort to share data that targets funding to promote digital equity.

The Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included “Internet for All,” a $65 billion investment to ensure all Americans can access affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet.

NTIA is launching three “Internet for All funding” opportunities:

These initiatives are designed to connect all Americans to high-speed internet, close the digital divide, make the internet affordable, provide students access for education, expand telehealth opportunities, and connect public health and safety and other community services. The infrastructure development, expansion and maintenance is also expected create thousands of well paying jobs across the country.