WISE COUNTY, Texas. (WWLP) – The search for seven year old Athena Strand who went missing after an argument with her step mother has ended.

Strand went missing Wednesday after authorities believe she and her step mother argued, causing the little girl to leave her home. She didn’t get far, however, because 31 year-old Tanner Horner is accused of abducting her from her driveway an estimated 20 yards from her house. Horner was delivering a FedEx package to the home at the time he kidnapped Strand.

Authorities believe Strand died an hour after she was taken by Horner. The step mother searched for an hour before she called police to report the little girl missing. After a search, Strand’s body was found less then 10 miles from her house.

Horner is being held on $1.5millon bail and is charged with capital murder and aggravated kidinapping.