NEW YORK (WPIX) — New York City’s longest-serving doorman is about to hang up the uniform. Manny Teixeira has worked at the same condo on East 90th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan for six decades.

“Someone called me the Governor of 90th Street,” he said.

Teixeira started working at the building — Trafalgar House Condominiums on the Upper East Side — in the 1960s, just after it opened.

For six decades, Teixeira has stood there with a smile, a hello, and some advice, if requested.

“I always say if you want to have a job like this, you have to like people,” Teixeira said.

Building manager Manuel Claudio added that Teixeira is beloved by tenants because he’s always respectful and he anticipates their needs.

Now, those tenants are getting ready to say one final goodbye.

“We will miss him a lot,” said neighbor Gil Winnik. Another tenant, Kenneth Schwartz, called Teixeira the “personification of the building.” They’re also planning him a retirement party.

Teixeira, who lives in New Jersey with his family, said he plans to do a lot of walking in his newfound free time.

“My wife has been telling me to do it for 30 years,” he said, adding that he’s going to have a hard time adjusting to his new schedule.

“Even if I go on vacation I wake up at 2:30 in the morning,” he said. “I have a clock inside.”

Teixeira’s last day on the job is April 27.