CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – President Biden is expected to formally announce his re-election bid in the 2024 Presidential Race this week.

Plans are in motion for President Biden as he prepares to formally enter the 2024 Presidential Race as early Tuesday, with a video to announce his run already in production, and donors are already being mobilized.

This date is pretty significant as it marks the fourth anniversary of his entry into the 2020 race. Political analysts believe that this bid will draw attention to the promises he made to voters in 2020.

This sets off a battle to convince the public of his accomplishments and his ability to continue serving well into his eighties. Biden is already the oldest President in American history and, by the end of a potential second term, he would be 86.

An NBC News national poll shows that 70 percent of all Americans, including 51 percent of Democrats, say he shouldn’t seek another term. Many cite age as a top concern, as the President is the oldest ever to serve.

“They want someone honestly younger they want someone honestly different just a different voice, but when it comes down to it the democrats really don’t have a candidate who can not only defeat President Biden in a nomination process but also win the general election. He’s effectively frozen the field and the Democrats really can’t put someone forward,” said Dr. John Baick, a Professor of History at Western New England University.

Biden is expected to face only token opposition in the primary. Author Marianne Williamson, who ran and lost in 2020, and the anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are both running long-shot campaigns. So analysts like Baick believe Biden will not have any other key opposition in his party.

It seems like this will be another showdown between former President Donald Trump and Biden. Right now, Trump is sitting back with the support of two-thirds of Republican primary voters, despite concerns about his recent indictment and other pending criminal investigations.

The majority of Americans say they don’t want either of them in 2024. Political analysts say that it’ll be a difficult battle for both candidates and voters.