CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)– A severe storm passing through Louisiana last week caused a Taco Bell sign to fall onto a car, crushing it and trapping someone inside, according to Crowley Police Department.

The person, the only one in the car at the time of the accident Friday, was freed and taken to a nearby hospital.

“EMTs were on sight pretty quick,” Scott Richard, superintendent of Acadia Parish, said. “Emergency personnel were here very quickly. The individual was taken out of the car very carefully and miraculously she was not injured more than what her injuries were.”

The car’s driver, who appeared to be going through the Taco Bell drive-thru, was trapped inside after the sign collapsed and fell on the car, flattening the back half of the vehicle and narrowly missing the driver in the front seat.

“As you can tell if you do some closeups of where the sign actually fell, no one else was injured because it’s a pretty big sign, very high sign,” Richard said. “We’re just thankful nobody got seriously injured.”

KATC reported that the driver’s daughter, Madyson Dailey, said her mother called her after the sign collapsed.

“She called and said her head was bleeding,” Dailey told KATC. “She was stuck in her car and that a pole fell into her car. She has a minor gash in her head which led to her getting staples but other then that she will be fine.”

On social media, police shared photos of the collapsed sign lying in the Taco Bell parking lot, as well as other storm damage, including the ripped-off roof of a former La Rumba restaurant.

The condition of the woman who survived the Taco Bell sign collapse was unknown as of Tuesday.