New challenge asking people to eat healthy over the holidays

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Mercy Medical Center and Trinity Health of New England are providing a holiday season challenge to everyone who tends to eat the wrong foods during the holidays.

It’s the 61 Day Challenge, which begins on Thursday, November 1 and runs through the end of the year. People who take up the challenge are asked to use their willpower to lay off soft drinks, sweets, and cigarettes.

The lobby of Mercy Medical Center took on the appearance of a farmers market. It stressed the healthy food that often goes uneaten during the holidays.

Mercy Medical Center’s clinical nutritionist, Sharmila Shahani-Sewrathan, told 22News how a 12 ounce can of cola can be harmful.

“It actually has about ten teaspoons of sugar and has no other value to it,” Shahani-Sewrathan explained. “It doesn’t have any good nutrition or vitamins you can use.”

The 61 Day Challenge initiative contends that during the last two months of the year Americans tend to gain weight because of poor dietary choices.

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