CITY HALL (PIX11) — A mom who confronted Mayor Eric Adams on Monday over the city’s mask rules for toddlers was fired from her job working for New York’s Law Department, though that decision had already been in the works, officials said.

Daniela Jampel interrupted a press conference on NYC supporting LGBTQ visibility. Jampel, according to a Law Department spokesperson, lied to City Hall staff to get access to the event. She apparently claimed she was a journalist, demonstrating “a disturbing lack of judgment and integrity.”

“We hold all of our employees to the highest professional standards,” a Law Department spokesperson said. “In public statements, Ms. Jampel has made troubling claims about her work for the city Law Department. Based on those statements, the decision had been made to terminate her prior to today.”

Jampel has a history of calling for kids to be unmasked. She’s said it’s harmful for kids to wear masks when they’re learning to speak and read. 

Adams had said the mandate would end in early April, but he added a caveat: it would stay in place if COVID data called for it. While Jampel feels Adams reneged on his promise, Adams said he did what he said he’d do as COVID cases began to rise amid a new variant.

“We’re going to pivot and shift as COVID is pivoting and shifting,” he said.