SHERRILL, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Sherrill Silversmiths are the lone Mohawk Valley team participating not in the PGCBL, but in the more western NYCBL, the New York Collegiate Baseball League. The Silversmiths, or “Smitties,” were founded in 2011, and since then have become a staple of the City of Sherrill, something that the local community looks forward to every year.

The Silversmiths differ from many summer collegiate teams as they don’t play in a stadium owned by the city or town they play in, but instead play at a public park, Noyes Park in the heart of Sherrill. Noyes Park is famous for once hosting an exhibition game where Babe Ruth was a participant, honoring the request of the man who caught his first professional game, career major league backup catcher, and Sherrill native Ben Egan. The field in present-day is in the same location as the field when that game was played in 1920, with the old (now non-operational), the scoreboard reading “Playing in the footsteps of Babe Ruth.”

Noyes Park is unique in having a limited amount of seating, meaning that you may have to bring your own lawn chair to sit on, but this provides an opportunity for fans to be up close and personal with the players on the field, many times sitting just feet out of the field of play. The field is also famous among local high school and summer ball players for its’ “Noyes-Bombs,” the right-field fence up until last year only four feet high and an astonishingly short 250 feet from home plate. The City of Sherrill installed a 10-foot fence at the beginning of last year’s NYCBL season, but the Silversmiths still took advantage of the “short porch” in right, leading the league in home runs (and home runs allowed).

The brand of baseball played in Sherrill is different than most summer ball teams, high scoring and intimate, it really is an experience that every baseball fan has to see for themselves.

Admission is free for all Silversmith home games, and the field is located on E Hamilton Ave in Sherrill, New York.