(WWLP) – ELM Electrical has created a new program for High School students interested in the electrical field.

These students are recommended by teachers or ELM employees to attend a 4-day training seminar to learn skills and showcase their talent at a First Steps training seminar.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase and utilize our training facility. At the same time we can get them excited about the field and see what the kids can do. Do they follow our strict safety protocols, do they ask questions, do they work well with others, is their work accurate, do they have a positive attitude? This gives us a snapshot of what they’d look like on the job,” says instructor Paul Asselin. “This program also gives kids who don’t attend a technical school the chance to see if the electrical field is something they may be interested in pursuing.” The First Steps program also provides exposure to the field for students who don’t attend a technical school. Oftentimes students who go to a traditional high school think it’s too late to go into a trade. We make sure they know there is still an opportunity to pursue a career in the field.

Monday through Wednesday students receive training at an ELM University classroom. Then on Thursday students apply what they learn in a Project Board Challenge and they are evaluated by project managers.

The First session wrapped up last week and the Second session started Monday. “We had a great first session and I’m looking forward to getting to know a new group of kids this week,” says Asselin. ELM is a diversified automation, construction, and electrical services provider.