NFL star Christian McCaffrey rescues hiker


(KUSA) Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey helped save a man’s life in Colorado Saturday after the hiker fell about 20 feet down a rocky embankment.

Dan Smoker and his 13-year-old grandson, Eli, decided to hike Castle Rock trail on Saturday. The hike was going well until Dan fell about 20 feet, according to his son, also named Dan.

When his dad fell, Smoker said NFL players, and brothers, Christian and Max McCaffrey and their former Valor teammate Michael Mann happened to be close by.

“There were two occasions where he had stopped breathing,” Smoker said. “At one point they couldn’t get a pulse so they did chest compressions as well.”

Smoker credits the McCaffrey brothers and Mann for saving his father’s life. He said without them, Dan could’ve died in the 11 minutes it took paramedics to get to the scene. Smoker said the three men also helped comfort his 13-year-old son.

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