NY man arrested with grenade launcher, other weapons


KNOX, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An Albany County man is in custody after police say he was found in possession of a loaded assault rifle complete with 50 rounds at a motel.

Sheriff Craig Apple says they confiscated a “van load” of firearms, weapons, and explosives. He listed off just some of the items they found.

“Guns, assault rifles, 50 round magazines, bulletproof vests, trip wires, enough explosives to do some serious damage,” Sheriff Apple said.

Sheriff Apple says they were all found in a room inside of 43-year-old Edward Reis’s Knox home. He says local law enforcement had been searching for Reis for the better part of Sunday after his wife called police saying her husband was a military veteran who suffered from PTSD and feared he intended to harm himself.

“His wife Indicated that he’s suffering from PTSD and didn’t want to live.”

Sheriff Apple say things became even tenser when Reis’s wife searched a room that she told them had been off limits.

“She indicated that we might want to look inside that room.”

That’s where he says they found the weapons.

He says they searched an apartment complex in Colonie where Reis was known to frequent but they came up empty-handed.

They got a break when East Greenbush Police located him at the America’s Best Inn on Columbia Turnpike.

“One of our crisis negotiators was able to get him out of the motel room. When officers went into the motel room he had a chair against one door and a loaded AR-15 lying on his bed. So, we were able to get him out of there peacefully,” Sheriff Apple said.

Sheriff Apple says they don’t know what he intended to do with the weapon. He’s been charged with several felonies, including criminal possession of a weapon and for allegedly forging a pistol permit.

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