New York State Police say a bomb threat email was sent to many schools across the state Tuesday including Moriah Central School in the North Country.

According to the Moriah Central School District Superintendent, the email was received around 8 a.m. The superintendent says the email was very generic, with no specifics. Moriah Central School was evacuated while authorities swept the school. Nothing was found and students did return to the classroom.

According to State Police, a similar email was sent to many other schools across the state. At this point, there is no exact number or list of schools affected. State Police believe some schools were delayed or closed as a result. We are working to confirm whether other North Country schools were impacted. St. Lawrence County has several schools that were impacted.

This latest incident comes a week after schools across New York were impacted by “swatting” calls which threatened a school shooting. State Police say the investigation into today’s incident would be similar and would likely involve the FBI.