Obama is living it up on vacation


(CNN) – Former President Barack Obama waved goodbye, flew away in a chopper, and the next thing you know, he’s flying a kite. Kite surfing actually, in the Virgin Islands.

He had a smile so big, one poster commented…”Ahhh, he looks younger already.” “How was your weekend?” was the caption comparing Obama’s face to President Donald Trump’s.

Tweeted another, “Wait, he’s having fun? Is he allowed to have fun? Why isn’t he saving us?” He can’t even save himself on the golf course, where even an ex-President gets teased for missing putts.

However, why putter around with golf when there are exciting new watersports to master. Obama learned kite surfing while his host, Richard Branson, learned foil boarding.

When the two competed to see who could stay up longer, the former President won. If you’re missing Obama and looking for the next best thing to a hug, here it is. Dreamed up by an inventor in New Hampshire; “It’s 28 inches fingertip to fingertip and will literally hug you.”

Like many hugs, it can be awkward. Where exactly do you put the hand painted illustration? “Of course you can do the diagonal hug right around the neck and arm.”

Peter Connors said he was devastated when Donald Trump won. He launched Obama Hugz and is now developing an app that lets you turn your own image into a hug, back and front. And while many may be missing Obama, does he look like he’s missing them?

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