Obese parents can affect child development


(CNN) – Obesity has long been linked to a host of problems including heart disease, diabetes and stroke. However, now a new report is taking a look at how children could be affected when their parents are at an unhealthy weight.

There could be another risk factor associated with obesity. A new study found children of obese parents could be at risk for developmental delays.

The report, published in the journal of pediatrics, looked at thousands of children from four months old to the age of three between the years 20-08 and 20-10.

Researchers found the children of obese mothers were more likely to have difficulty using small muscles, such as those in the fingers or hands.

Paternal obesity meanwhile was associated with increased risk of failing personal-social activities such as feeding themselves, playing and undressing themselves.

Those born to extremely obese couples were also more likely to fail problem-solving tests. The study’s authors say the cause of all this remains unknown, and caution that more research needs to be done.

If the findings are confirmed pediatricians may take parents weight into account when screening children for development.

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