WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Wednesday was the first full day NTSB investigators were on the ground, investigating Wednesday’s deadly B-17 plane crash at Bradley International Airport.

Connecticut State Police released the names of the people killed and the people who survived in the WWII B-17 crash. Transportation officials also mentioned that the plane had been involved in two other small incidents in the past.

However, the NTSB said there is just not enough evidence at this time to prove the cause of the crash.


  1. Ernest McCauley (Pilot) 75 years-old from Long Beach, California
  2. Michael Foster (Co-Pilot) 71 years-old from Jacksonville, Florida
  3. David Broderick (Passenger) 56 years-old from West Springfield, Massachusetts
  4. Gary Mazzone (Passenger) 66 years-old from Broad Brook, Connecticut
  5. James Roberts (Passenger) 48 years-old from Ludlow, Massachusetts
  6. Robert Riddell (Passenger) 59 years-old from East Granby, Connecticut
  7. Robert Rubner (Passenger) 64 years-old from Tolland, Connecticut


  1. Mitchell Melton (Flight Engineer) 34 from Dalehart, Texas
  2. Andrew Sullivan (Airport Personnel) 28 years-old from Enfield, Connecticut
  3. Andy Barrett (Passenger) 36 from South Hadley, Massachusetts
  4. Linda Schmidt (Passenger) 62 years-old Suffield, Connecticut
  5. Tom Schmidt (Passenger) 62 years-old from Suffield, Connecticut
  6. Joseph Huber (Passenger) 48 years-old from Tariffville, Connecticut
  7. James Traficante (Passenger) 54 years-old from Simsbury, Connecticut

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The first incident involving this particular B-17 happened in 1987 when the place over-ran a runway in Pennsylvania. The second happened in 1995 when the planes landing gear failed to launch.

The NTSB did not investigate that incident. In Wednesday’s crash, the B-17 reported a problem with one of its engines shortly after takeoff.

The plane was in the air for just five minutes before it turned back and attempted to land. When it made contact with the runway, the B-17 skidded out of control and crashed into a de-icing facility.

The NTSB has requested inspection and maintenance records of the plane’s airframe, propellers, and all four engines.

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