Officials warn after fidget spinners catch fire

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(WTNH) — Fidget spinners are being sold by the millions, but this hot toy can catch fire so now there is a warning going out.

“All I heard was fire, fire,” said Kimberly Allums.

Kimberly Allums heard her son screaming upstairs.

“The fidget spinner had literally … It wasn’t just smoking, it was in flames,” Allums said.This is what’s left of the Bluetooth fidget spinner.

Michelle Carr says the same thing happened to her.

Both women claim the toys ignited while charging.

Now, there’s an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fidget spinners are so popular that at one point, they accounted for 17 of the 20 best selling toys listed on Amazon.

It’s the newer models with lights and Bluetooth speakers that are now under scrutiny.

Federal investigators are telling anyone with a fidget spinner that requires a charge to motor it to never charge it overnight or while you’re sleeping. You should also always use the charger that it came with.

The Federal Investigators are also warning consumers that these fidget spinners all have small parts that can pose a choking risk for small children.

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