One man’s journey from diabetes to a lifestyle change


(CNN) – Weight loss can be very difficult, especially if you have a lot of pounds to lose. However, the payoff is worth it and the young man you’re about to meet is proof.

This is Justin Green and in 2016 he was diagnosed with type two diabetes. At the time, he weighed nearly 400 pounds. “I’ve lost 120 pounds so far. He recommended being more active and changing my diet.”

Justin’s lifestyle changes didn’t come easily. “I probably eat less than a quarter of what I used to. Nothing fried, raw vegetables.”

Dr. Omotayo Akinmade, a Primary Care Physician at Piedmont Henry Hospital said, “We always encourage diabetics to reduce your calories and reduce your carb intake but also only eat when they have to when they’re hungry. It’s overeating that leads to an uncontrolled blood sugar.”

Justin says his weight loss has improved his overall health and he no longer has to take medication or check his blood sugar. “The diagnosis was technically reversed but I consider myself a non-practicing diabetic.”

Dr. Akinmade said, “It’s not uncommon for patients who are very well motivated who have lost significant weight and have change their lifestyle to have a reversal in their blood sugar.”

Justin’s advice for anyone trying to manage their diabetes is to never give up. “Feel better in the process and maybe you can bring somebody else along with you.”

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