Oneida County Sheriff’s Office implements new restraint device


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – The Oneida County Sheriff’s Department is implementing a new device, the BolaWrap that will be carried by some of the department’s officers. Like remote handcuffs, the BolaWrap is a restraint that does not inflict pain.

“It’s a tool that you would use early on in a situation. Today in policing we go from talking to somebody to using pain compliance. All great tools but why use pain compliance tool when you have a tool like the BolaWrap that fills that gap.” -Donald De Lucca-Wrap Technologies, Public Safety Ambassador

The device can be used from 10 feet to 25 feet, “Wrap somebody to the elbows to the wrist or the thighs to the ankle to restrain their movement so you can get them help.” -Donald De Lucca

The cost for one device is about $1100 dollars. The sheriff’s department has invested in six of them.

“From BolaWrap, they’re actually training several of our members ,basically a train the trainer session today. They’ll be spending the day learning the device, how to deploy it. They’ll be certified how to instruct our people on to use them, carry them and deploy it.” -Sheriff Robert Maciol

Not every situation will allow for this device to be used but another option to have and safer.

“Obviously you’re not going to take a device like this to a gun fight but if it’s a situation where it’s an unarmed person who’s obviously dealing with some type of crisis in their life where they’re combative or fighting with law enforcement or potentially be fighting, this is an opportunity to safely restrict their movement, take them into custody without any injury to any civilians or any officers.” -Maciol

550 police agencies are using the bola wrap, including several in New York State.

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