WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Evan Falchuk may have come in a distant third place in his bid for Governor last year, but he’s still working to improve the political process in Massachusetts.

Falchuk founded the United Independent Party to offer an alternative to the two-party/unenrolled system.

Falchuck was in West Springfield Thursday night to strategize with party members at the Panera’s restaurant.

The U.I.P. is firmly against having tax-dollars pay for the Olympic Games in Boston.

“The vision that the people backing the Olympics are pushing on Massachusetts is one in which taxpayer priorities are focused on the Olympics. We think taxpayer priorities, and our money, ought to be focused on helping the greater good, the issues that people face all across the Commonwealth,” Falchuk told 22News.

Falchuk said he’s a sports fan, and that the Olympoics are a very cool event, but he does not think they should be funded with taxpayer dollars. Falchuk’s United Independent Party is spearheading an effort to have a binding state-wide vote on the 2016 ballot to prevent the use of taxpayer money for the Olympic Games.