Oscars: The envelope, please!

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(CNN) – “May I have the envelope, please.” It’s the famous phrase we’ll hear quite a bit at tomorrow night’s academy awards. But they’re not ordinary envelopes.

Each one is carefully made by hand, and can cost hundreds of dollars! The current Oscar envelopes were designed by Marc Friedland, and he’s sharing their unique history.

‘The envelope please’ has been synonymous with the academy awards 75 years. They used to have these very beautiful women presenters. They would say ‘and the envelope please,’ that’s where that phrase originated from.

Hi my name is Marc Friedland, and I am the designer of the now iconic most famous envelope in the world!

There’s only 24 for the 24 category winners. Tom hanks comes on stage and to the world announces that the envelopes themselves were a work of art!

They did an animation of Ted actually opening the envelope.

First lady Michelle Obama announced the best picture. These envelopes made it to the white house.

It takes us about 110 man hours to actually construct the envelope. There’s embossing, and dye-cutting, and laminating, and engraving and printing. It weighs about a quarter of a pound each. It’s about an eighth of an inch thick.

It probably costs us a couple hundred dollars to kind of fabricate each one of these. It’s cheaper than a haircut in Hollywood!

This is the 75th anniversary of using the envelope in the academy awards.

Price Warner house cooper’s has been tabulating the votes for over 80 years. 76 years ago, somehow the press got a hold of it; they leaked it early. So following that, the envelope was used simply as a means of security to protect that information.

We took that and elevated it into the iconic design that it is today. Paper is back!!Copyright 2015 CNN

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