‘Our bodies should be respected’ Locals react to video that shows customer tapping backside of Tsunami Sushi server


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Tsunami Sushi of Lafayette received an out pour of feedback and support after posting video of a worker being tapped on the backside reportedly a customer.

Some people used the words, disturbing, offensive, and elated that the restaurant posted the video and served-up a lesson on what’s not appropriate.

“I think our body should be respected as a woman,” resident Taisiia Kolisnyk stated.

The video posted on social media speaks louder than words.

A customer can be seen walking near an employee.

He reaches out with one hand and pats her backside as she walks by.

Tsunami’s managing partner, Frederick Nonato says he put up the post to get help in identifying the person.

“I don’t know who the person was, but their behavior was unacceptable,” Nonato said.

Upon first seeing the video, several women agreed it’s hard to watch what appears to be an act of sexual assault.

“That is super disrespectful. I know if it was me, my dad would do the same thing,” resident Mariah Jean Louis added.

Mikayla Thompson and her friends support the restaurant’s managing partner’s decision to post the video asking anyone knows the suspected offender to step forward.

“I applaud him for posting it to let the general public know; and for it not to happen again in the facility,” Thompson noted.

“Unless it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend situation I don’t think that’s appropriate.  Even, in terms of PDA (public display of affection) and behavior,” resident Kolisnyk said.

The social media post received over 1,000 views that may have helped identify the supposed perpetrator.

“Through social media investigation we discovered who the person is and the person that was assaulted is going to pursue matters legally,” Nonato added.

Tsunami says since legal action may be taken, the restaurant has no other comments to offer on the matter at this time.

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