SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There was another meeting Tuesday night in Springfield as the city considers extending a ban on new pawn shop licenses.

Last July, the Springfield City Council voted in favor of the ban, but it expires this July. Some councilors want to renew the ban for the next two years. They said there major concern is the casino coming, and how addictive gamblers might behave.

However, before any decisions are made, they want to hear from residents.

Springfield City Councilor Tom Ashe told 22News, “I’m going around to all of the neighborhood councils and getting some feedback with the idea that in my estimation, we have enough pawn shop dealers in the city.”

There’s already 42 pawn shops in Springfield. The city requires them to hold items for 30-days before they sell them, in case they turn out be stolen.

A vote is expected before the current ban expires this July.Related: