HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – About 100 people gathered at Kennedy Park, Friday night, in Holyoke for a peaceful anti-Donald Trump rally. Residents and the mayor called on each other to act peacefully and respectfully, and rise above all hate.

More than a week after Donald Trump’s election as president, some people are still having a tough time coming to terms with the new reality. Protesters at Friday’s rally gathered to make sure the divisive language of the campaign has come to an end.

“[Donald Trump] didn’t create anything that didn’t already exist,” said Holyoke resident Nancy Capron. “What may have happened is that now folks who feel that way may feel they have license to act out on it.”

Rally organizer Kara Brewer told 22News, “I do not think that everybody who voted for Donald Trump is a bigot or a racist, but I do think a lot of the scarier stuff he’s said has definitely incensed more of his racist, bigoted supporters.”

Rally participants called on Holyoke residents to put their time and energy into causes they believe are worth fighting for. Mayor Alex Morse told 22News it’s about reassuring Holyoke’s immigrant population that the city will always be their home. “I just think it’s important for me as the mayor to reaffirm our status as a safe, accepting community for all people,” said Morse

Morse reminded the community that hate and discrimination will never be tolerated in Holyoke.