CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Belchertown Animal Control is reminding pet owners of safety habits to help pets this holiday.

Tired pets are more likely to rest during the festivities said the Animal Control on their social media. Playing with cats for at least half an hour and taking dogs on long walks is a great way to make sure they are tired before the holiday celebration starts. Belchertown Animal Control also said dogs should be kept on a leash if they need to go out during the fireworks, and cats should be kept indoors.

Keep dogs and cats away from alcohol, and keep in mind they can be curious. Belchertown Animal Control recommends cleaning celebration areas before the animals are let back into the room. Party decorations can also be dangerous to animals and it is recommended to keep them out of the area even when the decorations are being put up and not let them back until the decorations are completely taken down.