Photos: Tornadoes slam Louisiana, dozens injured


(NBC News) Thousands of families in Mississippi and Louisiana are picking up the pieces of their lives after several tornadoes tore apart their homes Tuesday.

The damage is sporadic,but extensive in some areas.

Tornadoes sliced through at least seven parishes in Louisiana.

Among the worst hit areas was New Orleans East, some of the same neighborhoods ravaged by Katrina more than a decade ago.

Antigone Chandler remembers it well.

She was out of her home for nearly a year after it was destroyed by the hurricane.

“This is overwhelming. You see it with other people but until you experience it, and I always say with the hurricanes, you have opportunity to leave. With this, there’s no opportunity,” she said.

Edward Noel and his 83-year-old mother barely survived when a tornado ripped the roof off their home.

“It was scary, I saw, I actually looked into the window and saw the tornado coming towards us through the window,” he said.

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