Pizza delivery driver killed during robbery


KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF/CNN) – A 25-year-old Kansas City man is dead after he was shot at a Pizza Hut.

There are now bullet holes in the front window of the Pizza Hut at 43rd and Rainbow Boulevard tell part of the story about what happened inside.

An armed robbery foiled by a 25-year-old delivery driver who fought back and lost his life.

“He would do all he could to try and save his self and anybody else, yes he would,” said the victim’s grandmother, Rowena Boykin.

Police say workers in the back of the store heard a commotion upfront and hid in the freezer while Laron Briggs was confronted by possibly two men with guns.

“My brother, he was the type of person that just to tell you to just be your own man stand up for what you believe in,” said Briggs’ younger brother, Raydale Briggs.

“I feel like my brother sacrificed his life at the store. I think he saved them people’s lives. I know he saved them people’s lives.”

A call at 3 a.m. Wednesday shook this family to its core.

“When she told me Laron passed away, I just broke down,” said Briggs’ cousin Marsha Hooker.

Briggs would have been 26-years-old in March and worked hard to succeed. Pizza Hut was his second job, his full-time gig at a spice company.

“Very sad, very hurt behind it, as he did not deserve this,” Hooker said. “And you know, for him to try to work and make a living and a lot of guys they’re not out there doing that. They forever took his life like that, he did not deserve to leave here.”

“He was quiet. He didn’t bother nobody. Smiled, kept a smile on his face. He was lovable person,” added Boykin.

His grandmother said Briggs’ joy was his family, hanging out at home laughing with his seven siblings. His smile and quiet kindness is what this family will remember most.

“Whenever he would come around he would just come and hug me you know? He gave me the biggest hug. I`m gonna miss all of that,” she said.

Police are still looking for the suspects.

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