(KSNV) – Another warning to all you Pokemon Go players, be careful out there.  Officials say a Pokemon player in Nevada was robbed while playing the game.

“It might be a little dangerous. You got to risk it for the biscuit,” said Alex Barnes.

That’s the sentiment of Pokemon Go player Alex Barnes despite the theft of a fellow player’s phone here at Desert Breeze Park. Metro police say just after midnight, a crook swiped a man’s smartphone as he played Pokemon Go. The victim chased down the thief and then found himself in a confrontation with two other people. The Pokemon player pulled out his knife and slashed a teenage boy in the face and cut another man’s hand.

Just this Monday 18-year old Elvis Campos was arrested for robbery. Metro police say Campos pulled out a gun and tried to rob a Pokemon player at Freedom Park in the northeast valley. That player was armed and shot Campos. Pokemon player Krista Ford says the attempted thefts are troubling, “There’s a lot of crazy people out there. I just feel they target whoever comes by, so I guess in context, yeah I would be a target.”

Police say the criminal who ran off with the victim’s phone at Desert Breeze Park has not been caught. Darrie Lau was at the park last night, “I heard some people screaming over there.”

Pokemon player Isaac Montabanez tells us it’s time for other players to use common sense, “Don’t go out by yourself. Definitely don’t go after midnight. Especially people will take advantage of that and they’ll lure you to a module.”

Pokemon enthusiasts like David Lau tell us the attempted thefts won’t stop them from enjoying a walk in the park as they scavenge for Pokemons, “Yeah I would still come out.”

Officials are warning players to be alert when going to virtual stops, gyms and so-called lures.  These places are sometimes used by criminals to intentionally draw their victims to a specific place.

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