(CNN) – He’s currently the envy of all Pokémon Go players.

Brooklyn native Nick Johnson is the first person in North America to capture all 142 Pokémon. He has been a fan of Pokémon since he was 8 years old but never had any intention of “winning” the game when he started to play on July 6th.

He says, “My interest in that came from the interest in the work I do at Applico it’s a subject that I’m passionate enough about.”

Johnson says he works 50 hours plus at the tech company. “I would go out after work at about six, 6:30 and my girlfriend would meet me and we’d grab dinner and walk around catch Pokémon. I played about 6 to 8 hours a day when I would leave after work and I walk about an average of 8 miles a day. I lost about 8 to 10 pounds in the process.”

After two weeks of walking through all five boroughs and even a stop in Jersey City, he ended up here at Grand Army Plaza at the entrance to Central Park.

This place is loaded with hundreds of Pokémon Go players that gather here, in the hopes catching a Pokémon, and this is where Johnson captured his last one.

All the Pokémon trainers we spoke to say even though Johnson was the first to capture all of the Pokémon, that doesn’t discourage them.

John Hemminger says, “It still doesn’t take away from the feat of getting them all and it’s still an accomplishment to me.”

Dianna Wong said, “I just want to fulfill my childhood dream.”

Muhammad Ahmed said, “He may have all of them, but his might be a lower level than mine.”

(Aly Bsadran, Pokemon GO Player) “FYI he still didn’t capture the Pokémon that are international.”

(Jill Nicolini, Reporting) “I have some breaking news for you… Nick is on his way tomorrow to play in Asia, Europe, and Australia to try to capture them.”

(Aly Badran, Pokemon GO Player) “I’m broke so I can’t really travel… but hopefully when I get some money I’ll beat him to it.”

Johnson says, “I’ll be leaving next couple of days and will be gone for the next week or so.”

Johnson’s advice to those trying to finish the game is to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

All three companies that are responsible for making the “Pokémon Go” have yet to contact Johnson to congratulate him. But he says he’d love to work with them and help them promote the game.Copyright 2016 CNN