Police are looking for 20,000 pounds of stolen cheese

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(CNN) – A trailer with $46,000 worth of assorted, U.S. foods cheese inside was parked right behind Kevin Mifflin’s store near a storage facility for Semi’s. Kevin Mifflin, Esch Power Equipment said, “It’s bizarre because of the cargo in it.  Maybe the guy couldn’t get in the gate or was leaving early so he left the truck outside the gate and parked it behind my building.”

Police say surveillance cameras in the area are one way they’re hoping to track down the cheese thief.

Capt. Mike Bolender, Oak Creek Police Department: “It’s a unique case and we’re working several leads right now.”

The trailer taken was large, white and unmarked. Capt. Mike Bolender says there’s no reason to believe the cheese has already been moved.

Capt. Bolender:  “There was lot of variety of cheeses, so they’d need a large vehicle or something like that if they were going to switch it over.”

Vince Christian, Wisconsin Cheese Mart:  “Cheese pirates back at it again.”

Cheese theft is considered a growing problem among retailers, even if the end game is a mystery.

Vince Christian: “If they keep taking the trucks they’re going somewhere with it but I’ve never heard of it.”

Similar stolen cheese incidents were reported in Germantown and Grand Chute earlier this year.Related coverage

Vince Christian:  “It’s kind of crazy cheese is such a valuable commodity at this point that people are just going off with entire trucks of it.”

Police say they’ll continue to actively search for the missing cheese.

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