Waterford, Ct. (CNN) – Hanging on the wall in the entrance of the Waterford Police Department for all to see.  9 year old Madeline Guarraia’s bright eyes and spunky personality will never be forgotten.

Chief Brett Mahoney, of the Waterford police Department said “she was a fearless little girl and we certainly like that in our police officers.  She was on ride alongs with us, she was on tours of the police department, she attended our role calls.”

Madeline was made an honorary Waterford Police Officer.  She wanted to be one when she grew up, but her dream was cut short after fighting three cancers for five years.  She lost her battle back in April.

“This little girl represents the best of all of us.”

Two portraits of Madeline were made.  One, of course, hangs at the Waterford Police Station, while the other was given to her family.

Her mother thanked the department on social media after police posted the picture on their Facebook page. She said, “I’m not sure we can ever explain how much this means to our family.  We have this picture in a very special place in our home.  The way you honored her while living and continue to celebrate her bravery now is incredible.  We know she is so proud to be considered ‘one of you.’  Thank you will never be enough.”

“it reminds you of what’s really important in life.”

Community members are touched. Sharimah Jones, of New London0, said “that is very beautiful, I loved that they did that.”

Heather cote, of New London said, “She would be super happy to see that.  That’s a really great way to honor her. If that’s what she wanted to do when she grew up, I think it’s super sweet.”

Pictures of Waterford officers who have passed away hang on the walls inside the department, but Madeline’s is for all to see. So we can all be reminded what she meant to so many.