Police searching for suspects in $70K cheese theft

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(CNN) – Two cheese heists in two weeks. Now, Wisconsin police are hunting for the thieves that stole more than $160,000 worth of cheese.

In the nation’s Dairyland, cheese is often around the corner.

But that wasn’t the case for police hoping to find $70,000 worth of cheese in an abandoned semi trailer.

Lt. Todd Grenier of the Germantown Police said, “We found that the trailer was empty.”

It started here at D&G Transportation in Germantown.

A trailer full of locally made cheese, was set to be delivered at stops around the nation.

Lt. Grenier said, “We were made aware that from the report from D&G Transport that the trailer was stolen.”

The president of the transportation company says they caught surveillance footage of that trailer being hooked up, and driven away.

Lt. Grenier said, “We found out where the tractor was and we kind of mapped its progress through the city.”

And this isn’t the only major cheese theft in the state this week.

Lt. Darren Larson, of the Marshfield Police said, “Approximately $90,000 worth of parmesan cheese was missing from a logistics or storage facility here in Marshfield.”

The one in Marshfield was a week earlier.

There’s no connection yet on these two cheese thefts.

Lt. Larson said, “We’re hoping to reap some information to the location of this cheese.”

Lt. Grenier said, “We’re still trying to find it absolutely, we’re going to make every effort we can to try and recover that product.”

Even if the cheese is found, sadly it can’t be eaten! The truck the cheese was in had been sealed by food inspectors, and when the thieves opened the truck, they broke the seal.

According to federal law the cheese, at that point, becomes inedible.Copyright 2016 CNN

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