2018: The Year Of The Woman

Political News

Forget red or blue. This election season could result in a pink wave.

 When you head to the polls you’ll notice more women than ever on the ballot.

 The candidates run the spectrum. There are athletes and veterans, including fighter pilots, even a former CIA officer.

 Carrie Dann, political editor for NBC News, says not only are the numbers growing, the conversations are changing.

 “They’re also talking about being a mom or about being a wife or about the women in their family,” Dann says. “That’s a change we didn’t really see with past female candidates.”

 “They’re not running away from their gender, they’re embracing it as an asset in their race,” she adds.

 There are 235 women on the ballot for the House, 22 for Senate and 16 for governor. All of those are record breaking numbers, and they are poised to make history.

 Congress could see its first Native American and Muslim women. Arizona will have its first female senator ever, no matter who wins, and if elected in Georgia, Stacey Abrams would be the nation’s first black woman to serve as governor.

 Dann says it’s mostly a Democratic phenomenon.

 “So many women said if Donald Trump can run for office without a lot of experience, without having the right resume necessarily to be president, I can throw my hat in the ring and run too,” she says.

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