(WWLP) – Following Cortez Masto defeating Laxalt in Nevada, Democrats have retained control of the senate. The AP calling the race just after midnight on Saturday. The outcome follows days of protracted mail-in ballot counting, with the results resting largely with the state’s most populous county, Clark county, which posted updates once a day since Tuesday.

So here’s where we stand: the Democrats hold 50 seats, including two left-leaning independents, republicans hold 49.

The last outstanding race? Georgia, with Senator Raphael Warnock and former NFL running back Herschel Walker headed to a runoff next month. But, even if Walker picks up the seat, Vice President Kamala Harris’ tiebreaking vote will hold the democratic majority there.

Now if we look at the house, there’s still a ways to go. Neither party has reached the magic number of 218, with about 20 seats still undecided. Democrats hold 204, Republicans 211.

All these numbers are based on called races from the Associated Press. No projections here.

California has the most outstanding seats, with 11 races still too close to call. Arizona has two; Colorado, Maine, New Mexico, and New York each have one.

Up in Alaska they may have to stage an entire additional round of voting after moving to ranked choice ballots for the first time. So far, no candidate has reached 50% of the vote.

Democrat Mary Peltola is nearly there, ahead of Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich. If Peltola doesn’t hit 50%, though, the lowest candidate will be eliminated, Libertarian Chris Bye in this case, and they run the whole thing again. All that’s to say: this may take a while.

NBC News projects the GOP will take the majority, finishing with 219 house seats, but many of these are very tight races. For example, Lauren Boebert leads Adam Frisxh by just 11-hundred votes with 99-percent counted in Colorado. We won’t have a final count likely for a while still.