SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepping down from leadership, we’re learning who could be slated for top spots in the Democratic Party and how Massachusetts Congressman Richard Neal had a hand in the process.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi made the announcement that she will not run for another term in House Democratic leadership but will remain in Congress, representing her House district. However, Neal said this has been in the works for some time.

“She confided to me in New York about a month ago and she also had a long talk with me on the plane back from Cairo and COP27,” said Neal.

A chain of events after Republicans crossed the 218 threshold to win control of the House. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepping away from leadership, New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries announced he hopes to take the reigns as her successor. That was followed by Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Revere putting in her bid to become minority whip.

“They are timed for the moment and that is we need to be a big political party,” said Neal.

However, Neal did not say he intends to throw his own hat into the ring and will remain on the Ways and Means Committee.

22News asked Congressman Richard Neal if there are issues that he doesn’t intend to compromise on. He said tax cuts like what we saw in 2017 but he tended to focus on the issues he could reach across the aisle on.

“I’m in favor of an expanded child credit which we did for the better part of the year, which families benefitted from enormously, and I would be willing as part of a compromise on that to expand the research and development credit,” said Neal.

House Democrats are expected to hold leadership elections for November 30th.