(WWLP) – For the fifth time in less than a year, Senate democrats failed to pass a bill that would strengthen voting rights laws. That legislation was blocked by the Senate filibuster where you need 60 votes to bring something forward.

Senate democrats then tried to change that rule Wednesday night but Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema could not be persuaded in favor. The bill includes making Election Day a federal holiday, putting in place a federal voting standard so voters can request mail ballots as well as two weeks of early voting. In Massachusetts, early voting is already established.

George Carter lives in Springfield. He said he’s seen long lines for voting and feels steps should be taken to make voting easier, “I just want people in general, regardless of how you vote, just get out and vote and don’t necessarily complain about the outcomes when you didn’t participate in the process.”

Republican Senator Mitt Romney said that a handful of senators plan to meet Friday to discuss a bipartisan initiative.