Democrats demand Trump taxes, Mueller report

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A U.S. official tells NBC News some members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are frustrated that Attorney General William Barr cleared President Trump of obstruction of justice in his four-page summary of the Mueller report, even though Mueller reached no conclusion on the subject.

Mueller’s team members say the evidence that President Trump tried to disrupt the investigation is stronger than Barr suggested. 

The Justice Department says Barr had no choice but to reach a conclusion on obstruction because rules say he’s ultimately in charge of the Russia investigation. 

The news comes one day after a House committee vote authorizing subpoenas for Mueller’s full and unredacted report.

“We fought hard to protect Mueller’s investigation, and we’re going to fight to make sure the results aren’t buried by the president’s hand-picked attorney general,” says Rep. Adam Schiff.

Attorney General Barr has promised to release a redacted version later this month, and testify before Congress.

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