Government shutdown expands

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The holiday is over, but 800,000 government employees are either sitting at home or working without pay as the federal government shutdown enters its 12th day.

 Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo closed for the first time Wednesday.

 “This is all a crisis that the President has manufactured, he’s dragging Republicans into it,” says Democratic strategist Joel Payne.

 The president has refused to sign any budget that does not include $5 billion in funding for a border wall.

 He’s inviting top Republicans and Democrats to the White House for a “briefing” on the wall.

 Democrats fear it’s a stunt and doubt the president is ready to negotiate.

 They’re planning to vote as soon as they take over the house Thursday. They have two plans. Both would re-open the government, but
 Neither would fund the wall.

 “The burden will be on the Republicans, because the Democrats will have acted,” notes Republican strategist Rick Tyler.

 The Senate, still controlled by Republicans, is unlikely to send President Trump something he won’t sign.

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