HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Holyoke City Councilor At Large has called for a comprehensive investigation into Mayor Alex Morse’s into allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior with teenage students at the University of Massachusetts.

UMass investigating alleged inappropriate behavior by Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse

Holyoke City Councilor at Large, Mike Sullivan, is calling on the city council to conduct an investigation and urging for the mayor to resign from his position effective immediately.

Over the last several days we have been shocked to learn that our mayor acknowledges that he used his position of power as mayor and a candidate for Congress to engage in romantic and sexual activities with naive and innocent teenage college students associated with the University of Massachusetts–and has been banned from three campus organizations.

Mike Sullivan, Holyoke City Councilor at Large

The councilor says that he is in full support of the University’s decision to launch a full scale investigation and will also be working with member’s of the Holyoke City Council to begin their own.

Sullivan concluded his statement by saying, “If Alex Morse loves Holyoke as he claims, then he should simply resign as mayor now.”

22News has contacted Mayor Morse and his campaign for comment. We are expected to get a statement from Morse by the end of the day Sunday.

22News is continuing to cover this story, and will bring you the latest information as it becomes available here on WWLP.com and on the air.