Mass. (WWLP) – Tight races across the nation impacted Wednesday’s stock market as control of congress remained uncertain.

CNBC reporting that stocks fell to session lows Wednesday, following three days of gains before the election on November 8. The Dow Jones fell nearly two percent. Experts said Wall Street anticipated the ‘red-wave’ and that enough Republicans would gain seats to block any future tax or spending plans.

Mark Teed of Raymond James Financial said, “The reason people should stick with their current investment plan and not abandon it at this point is because we are close to the end. The midterms are now are done, we have a certainty there, we know exactly. The interest rates are probably close to almost done and we are going to find out about inflation.”

CNBC experts also indicated that a ‘grid-lock’ government following the elections could impact how the Federal Reserve responds to inflation if a recession were to occur.