Outcome of Democratic New Hampshire primary unexpected, voters say

New Hampshire Primary

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WWLP) – Bernie Sanders won the Democratic New Hampshire primary, but it’s what happened to other candidates that have people talking the day after. 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came out on top in the New Hampshire primary, a result that was pretty much expected. But Mayor Pete Buttigieg finished in a very close second, trailing Sanders by less than one percent. 

“I was kind of surprised that Pete and Bernie were so close together,” said Malika Greco of Nashua, N.H. “But I was happy because I was kind of undecided between the 2 of them so either way, I would have been happy with the results.” 

A bigger surprise in the granite state was Amy Klobuchar’s third-place finish. 

“Amy! I thought that was pretty much a surprise,” said Linda Imhof of Nashua. “You pretty much knew about Pete and Bernie. But Amy was a shock.” 

Shannon Griffiths of Holderness added, “I was checking in throughout the day and I was surprised that she was leading for so long.” 

Klobuchar placed fifth in Iowa but said her campaign “beat the odds” in New Hampshire. Another shocker voters said was Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren posting disappointing results, getting less than 10 percent of the vote each. 

Biden even decided to cancel an event in New Hampshire on Tuesday, so he could head down to South Carolina to begin campaigning there early. 

Griffiths added, “I mean, if your time has passed, I suppose if you want to move on to the next place, then it’s in his best interest.” 

Next, all eyes will be on Nevada and South Carolina.  

Primaries in those states will be on Feb. 22 and 29. 

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