Parents using New Hampshire Primary as learning experience for children

New Hampshire Primary

LONDONDERRY, NH (WWLP) – Students had the day off in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Tuesday due to the primary election, but that doesn’t mean they took a day off from learning!

Many parents chose to bring their children to the polls as they cast their vote.

“I think every vote counts and if we want to make a change in the country, we absolutely have to be active and be able to do our part,” Katherine Mousa said. “I think it’s especially important that we bring our children out here to show them that they also are able to do this when they’re old enough and explain why we need to do it.”

Mousa said her three kids were very interested in the process and wanted to look at each and every name on the ballot.

“They asked me what my first, second, and third choice was, and I showed them how to fill it out and they were very excited to put the ballot in the box at the end,” Mousa said.

Elizabeth Warren supporter Tina Moulton not only brought her daughters along to the polling place to vote, they also helped her campaign for her candidate and learned how the process works.

“I couldn’t be more proud to show them what a strong woman can really stand up and do. It’s amazing.”

Also very interested this election day was Madison. Lindsey Delorenzo told 22News that although years away from voting age, Madison is very knowledgeable about the candidates.

“Madison actually impressed me because she was telling me the ages of some of the candidates, and I was surprised that she knew so much,” she said. “I wanted to show the kids it’s important to be engaged and to vote on who has control over our future and the kids’ future.”

They were the 1,501 vote this morning in Londonderry!

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