WASHINGTON D.C. (WWLP) – The negotiations and votes for a new speaker of the house continue, with no clear end in sight. House lawmakers kicked off a fourth day of deliberations today to determine who will be the nest speaker of the house. Representative Kevin McCarthy now losing more than a dozen round of votes.

The dramatic standoff to determine who will be the next speaker of the house continues today, stalled by a small group of republican members of the house who are blocking his bid and asking for concessions like committee seats in exchange for support. The immediate effect this has on the average American? First, there is no current functioning of the US House of Representatives.

History Professor John Baick of Western New England University says Americans should be concerned about in the short term is an emergency arising. A natural disaster, a foreign policy issue, that couldn’t be handled swiftly by a broken congress.

“Even if the house manages to convene today, next week and figure out a speaker the chaos, the damage, the dissent, it’s been done,” said Professor Baick.

In the long run, efforts to secure the support of this group of hold outs could give them more power.

“By weakening the speaker’s office it means that you will be turning the house over to a small minority of individuals, where the speaker, by custom, is supposed to be above it all,” said Congressman Richard Neal