SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Biden Administration’s Build Back Better plan is facing major opposition in congress. But local law makers say there is hope to still get it passed.

The 2 trillion dollar ‘Build Back Better’ act is in jeopardy in the Senate, facing push back from Republicans and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin. But Massachusetts lawmakers are hopeful that the bill will still get passed.

Senator Ed Markey told 22News, “There are many areas of agreement, I remain optimistic. We have to get Joe Machin back at the table with Joe Biden. We can have a historically big and progressive package that will help transform American society, and help to solve the climate crisis while creating millions of jobs at the same time.”

If passed, the Build Back Better Act would expand the nation’s social safety net, including extending child tax credit which would help cover costs like food and healthcare in households.

It would also expand Medicare and Medicaid, as well as invest in child care services to make it more affordable for families, and to combat climate change incentivize in green-energy.

News Reporter Kristina D’Amours asked Senator Markey, “What are some aspects of the bill that would benefit us here in Western Massachusetts?”

His response, “Working class families are the target in this legislation, and the climate provisions are going to unleash a blue-collar union job creation revolution, in the installation of wind and solar and energy efficiency technologies. All of that would be lost if we don’t get this packaged passed.”

Senator Machin said the bill will need to make several changes for its to have his vote. One of the reasons he said he cannot back the bill was because its too costly and will worsen inflation in the US. Despite the opposition, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says there will be a vote on this bill in January.

“There’s just so much in it for Western Massachusetts, combined what is inside of the Infrastructure bill which will also help to create the East-West Rail, it is imperative that we get this package passed,” added Senator Markey.

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