NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)– 22News is your Local Election Headquarters bringing you the latest information on the races, candidates and issues in the 2022 election.

In less than 24 hours polls will open for the state’s primary election. A number of offices are up for grabs including governor, attorney general and secretary of state. With options like early voting and mail in ballots, a political consultant told 22news they estimate more than half of likely voters have already cast their ballot before Tuesday.

Max from Florence is voting in his first election tomorrow. 22News reporter Kate Wilkinson asked him why he thinks it’s important to vote. “It’s just everyone should have a say. We should have a government that reflects the people’s views,” replied Max.

In a state that tends to lean towards electing democrats, political consultant Tony Cignoli said the state primary is crucial in determining who takes key seats like the state auditor or governor’s council. “These decisions are being made now, tomorrow, Tuesday this is it. It’s really not a big contest come November until you come down to governor,” said Cignoli.

The governor’s race is usually the biggest one to watch but this year Maura Healey is running uncontested in the democratic primary so it’s now onto figuring out whose going to be her challenger.

“Either Geoff Diehl or Chris Doughty. That’s a big battle tomorrow. If you’re a Republican in Massachusetts you can go to the polls still, if you haven’t already voted by mail and ask for a republican ballot,” remarked Cignoli.

A number of factors are expected to be at play Tuesday–from the rain– to it being the first day of school for many. But Cignoli said there’s a lot for folks in western Massachusetts to decide.

“You’ve got a very hotly contested race in Chicopee, Massachusetts. You’ve got Joel McAuliffe against Shirley Arriaga to succeed Joe Wagner. And then you have another hot race currently held by Senator Lesser. You’ve got Sydney Levin-Epstein running against Jake Olivera,” he said.

Polls close at 8 o’clock Tuesday night. Mail in ballots need to be submitted to your local election office by that time.