Texas representatives share experience as riots took place at U.S Capitol

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HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — As rioters forced their way into the U.S Capitol, representatives in the building working to certify the result of the 2020 presidential election were told to take shelter. Local representatives are now sharing what those moments were like.

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15) was one of the many elected officials who were rushed out of the chamber, as President Trump’s supporters stormed into the building while lawmakers were certifying the electoral vote.

“I knew that anything could happen, I was looking for cover and looking for the safest place to hide myself as others were armed,” said Gonzalez.

Congressman Gonzalez said they were given gas masks while police were shooting tear gas within the Capitol. Some of our elected officials said Wednesday’s events were fueled by the president’s remarks.

“President Trump spoke for about an hour encouraging these people saying that he was not ever going to concede to this election defeat he got, and I hope he takes full responsibility by what he’s doing,” said Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28).

Congressman Cuellar said they will be doing everything in their power to prosecute the rioters taking part in the damage at the U.S Capitol.

“I’m sure we have videos… we are going to follow up on this but I hope that we prosecute some of those people to the fullest of the law because they broke federal law,” said Cuellar.

Both Congressmen said the events were shameful and not what our democracy stands for, and despite what happened they said it will not stop them from certifying the election.  

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