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President Trump is standing by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh ahead of hearings focusing on an alleged sexual assault committed in the 1980s.

 “I feel so badly for him. This is not a man that deserves this,” President Trump said Tuesday.

 Still, the president is not rushing the process.

 “I feel that the Republicans, and I can speak for myself, we should go through a process because there shouldn’t even be a little doubt. There shouldn’t be a doubt,” Mr. Trump said.

 The stage has been set for an open hearing with testimony from Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing him of sexual assault at a high school party decades ago.

 Both have been asked to tell their side to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

 Republicans are split over who will testify and how they’ll be questioned.

 Senator Susan Collins is pushing for lawyers for Ford and Kavanaugh to question the other side.

 “They may be able to elicit more information and then hear from each of the committee members,” Collins said. 

 Democrats want the FBI to investigate what happened, an idea the president has dismissed.

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