Trump: “Stop this Rigged Witch Hunt”

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(NBC News) President Trump escalated his attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe Wednesday.

For the first time the president publicly called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Russia probe, tweeting “Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this rigged witch hunt right now.”

Sessions recused himself last year from all cases involving Russian election meddling, leaving him unable to stop the investigation, even if he wanted to.

The White House claims the president’s tweet was not a demand.

“The president is stating his opinion, not an order, but I think he’s been crystal clear about how feels about investigation,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. 

Lawmakers on both sides immediately spoke out in support of the probe. 

“I support the probe to find out what Russia did to try influence our election,” said Republican Senator Jack Kennedy. 

President Trump also sounded off on the trial of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who is charged with numerous financial crimes unconnected to his work for the Trump campaign.

The president suggested on Twitter that Manafort is being treated worse than mobster Al Capone.

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