WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Most Americans support President Obama’s proposal to raise investment taxes on high-income families.

An Associated Press/GFK poll echoes Senator Elizabeth Warren’s push to raise taxes on the rich and use some of the revenue to lower taxes on the middle class. The President calls his approach “middle-class economics.”

68-percent of those polled say that the wealthy are taxed too little in federal taxes; 60-percent say the middle class pay too much.

Carol Deslaurier of West Springfield said, “I’m retired now and am living on a fixed income, and it’s a little bit harder, and I think if I were working and earning more money I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes.”

President Obama laid out tax proposals as part of his 2016 budget that was released earlier this month. One proposal would increase capital gains taxes on households making more than 500-thousand dollars annually.